Media must include a URL under the picture in ALL project formats or a list of URLs at the end of videos and podcasts.

*Remember - just giving attribution to media DOES NOT make it a Fair Use.

Websites with images covered under Fair Use.Click here to learn more about Fair Use.

Click here to learn more about Creative Commons Licenses


Do not Search in the Upper Right Corner of FLICKR.
Choose one of the Creative Common Areas and
Click on"SEE MORE."

Change Usage Rights to
"Labeled for Reuse with Modification"
or "Labeled for Reuse

Use AP images.
Use the link below for @ home
Lancaster Public Library Online Database Page
You will need to enter your public library
card number.

Page, Brian. polarbearcub.jpg.
Other Websites
Library of Congress

Search in the Digital Collections for media.
Educational Technology Clearinghouse(Limited to 25 images per project)

PublicDomain Photo

Free Foto

Freeplay Music

Microsoft Office Images
external image db-elclass2-curriculum.gif

(Get an @Home booklet for passwords)


Students and Teachers may use any media in our subscription databases under Fair Use.

Start at the Destiny Page. to search for Media.

For images of people, search:
Gale Biography Resource Centerexternal image biography_rc_lg.gif(SECONDARY ONLY)

Understanding Creative Commons Symbols**

Use this image at the end of all multimedia projects. Click this link to download the larger resolution image.

external image Copyright_Notice.jpg

Label image with the web address where picture was taken from.

For Databases - only use the URL address as far as the domain name. For example,
AP Images would only include the following address:

See example below.

external image 00215818.jpg

How to Cite Images in a Works Cited Page

Name of the Photo/Illus. Copyright Holder. Name of the Database or source. Date image was created. Medium of publication. url of image if from website. Date of Access.

Malaria-Causing Parasite. N.d. Science Resource Center. Gale, n.d. Web. 25 Mar. 2008.

Straeter, William P. Little Rock School Desegregation 1957. 24 Sept. 1957. AP Images. AP, n.d. Web. 5 May 2009.